Wiseman Masango Profile


Wiseman joined the Centre for African Literary Studies in 2004 when he worked as a research assistant to Prof.  Liz Gunner (the then Acting Director of CALS).  He helped with the Isicathamiya Project as well as the Radio and Drama Project;  Radio Ukhozi FM, a National Research Foundation (NRF) and University of Natal funded project.  He was responsible for interviewing listeners, recording and transcribing episodes, assisting with translations and discussing numerous points around radio drama.

In 2005 he started working as a full time Library Assistant.  He was then responsible for the technical services of the books – Tattling and spine labelling;  Typing and pasting of spine lables;  The placing tattle tapes, the CALS stamp and the CALS bookplates;  Shelving and shelf reading;  Preparing journals for binding;  and helping users.

In 2010 he prepared journals for binding.  In 2011 Wiseman worked on the Priebe Collection.  The work included inserting book plates and tattle tapes as well as shelving the collection.  In 2012 he has assisted with the processing and shelving of the Afrikaans Collection and the isiZulu books. He has the additional task of assisting Colleen with proofreading the records for the isiZulu entries. He also assists with daily users and other library duties.

Work which Wiseman did with Professor Liz Gunner